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The hotel has a gym on the first floor, ensuring that your workout routine is never compromised. Refresh yourself in the heated indoor pool, located directly in the hall from the fitness centre. The location is unparalleled, just a few minutes "walk from Green Circle Trail and Green Lake Park. There are many opportunities to hike along the trail, including the "Green Circle," as well as a variety of hiking and cycling trails.

The Cobblestone Hotel and Suites in Stevens Point will make you feel right at home, just like any other hotel in the area. This beautiful hotel will feel right at home from the first day of your stay, no matter what time of the week.

The hotel is connected to the Wissota Chophouse, where you can enjoy craft beer and juicy steaks. Visit some of the available taps, which are also available at Wisotas Chphouse, as well as a selection of local craft beers.

Pass holders can redeem beer and wine at the Wissota Chophouse or Wisotas Chphouse, as well as in select restaurants and bars. Pass holders can also redeem room purchases of selected beers, wines and spirits at a selected number of restaurants or bars in the hotel lobby and on the hotel car park, or redeem them at selected restaurants, bars and restaurants within a few kilometers of the hotel.

Passport holders must present their ID at the cash desk, log in online to their account book and verify their passport number when calling the Reservation Centre at 800 - 404 - 3535. Passport holders can save 20% by presenting their ID to register and log into their account, as well as verifying their passport numbers when calling and checking in. Please inform the hotel in advance if you have a furry friend.

Keystone guided cat ski tours, cardholders can book their bookings online at 1 - 888 - 435 - 4754 or in person. Guided cat ski trips at Keystone Ski and Snowshoe Resort or for booking person, call (1) 970, 496 and 4386. Guided cat skiing and snowshoeing at Stevens Point Resort and Ski Resort.

Epic Mountain Rewards offers cardholders access to guided cat ski tours at Stevens Point Resort and Ski Resort and includes group rides for guests who ski one day a day during the season. Rental packages are also available for groups of up to 10 people for a one-day ski trip for $1,000 per person or $2,500 per day for two-person groups. Guided cat ski and snowshoe hikes at Keystone Ski and Snowshoes Resort or for booking staff, by phone (1 - 888 - 435 - 4754) or in person for online or telephone bookings. Guided cat ski tours, group skiing tours, or group ski tours for one or two people for an additional $10 each way.

For more information about Stevens Point Resort and Ski Resort, call (1) 888-435-4754 or personally for online and telephone bookings or by phone.

For guests, the new loyalty program is simple and easy: $10 per tune - up service gives you access to all events and events at Stevens Point Resort and Ski Resort. Season adjustment - in (except special events such as Grand Prix and Grand Slam) and receive 10% discount on all tuning services.

Business travelers will find Stevens Point Resort and Ski Resort a great destination for business and leisure travelers from across the country, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, to name a few cities in the industry. We offer all the amenities and services our guests need and provide them with what they need. Provide all the amenities to meet your needs and provide you with what you need.

More About Stevens Point

More About Stevens Point