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The exhibit, which includes more than 1,000 items from the Stevens Point Museum of Natural History collection, is on display at the Wisconsin State Museum in Madison, where it shows the world - rock'n "roll, jazz, blues, folk, rock'n" roll and jazz rock.

The River Alliance of Wisconsin has created an interactive paddle Wisconsin map, and this page provides information about visiting the Wisconsin River and camping at Stevens Point and other parts of the state along the river, starting at Portage River State Park on the east side of the city. This booth will provide information on camping, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting and kayaking on and around the river.

Stevens Point offers a variety of other fun indoor and outdoor activities, including the Stevens Point Museum, Central Wisconsin Children's Museum and Portage River State Park. Another attraction not to be missed are Storybrook Gardens on the outskirts of the city, as well as the Over and Beyond Children's Museum. This winter activity centre is located at the eastern end of the city and covers 375 hectares. For visitors on site, it offers a wide range of educational activities for children and adults, such as art, music, crafts, games and handicrafts.

The Central Wisconsin Children's Museum is located on Main Street in the historic downtown area and is a great option for kids who need to shake off their silly stupidity. If you go there for a weekend, your kids can come to Dino Digs, and if you're in Stevens Point, you'll also like the museum's interactive exhibit, including dinosaurs, dinosaurs and dinosaurs. The Smithsonian - affiliated museum is cool in itself, but while we were there, we also enjoyed the Portage River State Park exhibition with its large outdoor exhibition spaces. Thus, guests can experience art and nature at the same time and a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults.

There is a large collection of clay and glass works made by local artists, including artisans from the Portage River State Park Museum and Stevens Point Art Museum.

It has a large swimming pool and a small hall with an outdoor pool, a pool house and a bowling alley as well as a small arbor.

Milwaukee has a lot of hotel and lodging options, but your best choice for an Eau Claire lodging is to connect to the Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark Green, where I stayed in the past. There is a large indoor water park and warm indoor pools, and I like the many pools and water slides. I know other hotel brands in this area have similar indoor pool facilities, so you know where to stay if you want to. My favorite tip for a family vacation is in spring, many people stay in the Bay in Wisconsin (or in the United States) at Tulane Lodge and Resort at Water Park Green. Many people also like to stay at other Milwaukee hotels and accommodations, such as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Milwaukee and the Marriott Marquis and Suites in Madison.

The Schmeeckle Reserve on the north side of the city is perhaps the best place to visit an IMAX theatre or planetarium. This was the first children's museum I visited in Wisconsin, and many of the exhibits have been modified over the past year.

Stevens Point Area offers a wide range of waterways and recreational opportunities, including the Wisconsin River, which runs through the city on its way to Lake Michigan. There are shallow water paddling on the river, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and other recreational activities.

As you pass Stevens Point, Wisconsin, you can see some highly rated activities on the Wisconsin River and Lake Michigan. While you're there, take a look at our list of the best things you can do for free while doing some pleasant day and night activities.

Point knows that most activities are free or inexpensive, so this list should be your list of free activities in Stevens Point, Wisconsin for the next few days or weeks.

Cycling around Stevens Point Area: Cycling, hiking, biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobiling, mountain biking and much more.

Do Fun Things for Kids at Stevens Point: Fun things to do with kids in the area such as swimming, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, snowmobiling, mountain biking and more. Other hand-picked places in and around Stevens that you can visit on weekends are: The Wisconsin Museum of Natural History, the Wisconsin State Fair and other local museums.

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More About Stevens Point