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We are adapting to the new reality of the national coronavirus outbreak and the regular influx of guests on which we depend. We hope that our community can rally around us during this difficult time and we hope that you can rally behind us as we adapt.

The Coffee Studio at 1100 Main Street offers curb service and also fills carry orders. Customers can place orders by calling 715 - 341 - 3088 and when the line is full, customers can call 7 15 - 340 - 6955. On Monday morning, they announced that the store was open and taking orders by phone. The Agora offers pickup options in the warehouse, but the company can ship orders to any of the companies as a well. The coffee shop at 1101 W. Main Ave. will also fill out orders and offer curb service.

The restaurant will be open during normal business hours and customers should call 715 - 341 - 2490 upon arrival. Mr. Brews is looking into whether this means the company will be closed entirely or continue to carry out orders. Part of the discussion was that the restaurant should offer a take-away option and even offer drop-offs for customers who do not want to go into business. He will try to reopen the take-out offer after determining what can generate sales.

When people normally donate annually, they should consider whether to donate now, rather than later. Not everyone has the resources to make big purchases, but you can still support local businesses without spending money.

A link leads people to the USBG National Charity Foundation, which runs a website for COVID-19 assistance. Interacting with them through sympathy and comments on their Facebook page, Twitter and other social media pages can help show support and increase awareness of their place. Changing working hours and strengthening your online presence also help customers to create additional opportunities to purchase items. Czerwonka wants customers to know that everything that comes later during a visit helps, whether it is to get groceries for an order - to - go or to buy a voucher for later visits.

The Council also has a number of resources at its disposal for entrepreneurs, including information on unemployment benefits, vocational training and employment services. Companies in the Council share information with the Ministry of Labour Development, which can be reached via its website. You also have access to the Wisconsin Business Council website and other resources such as the UW-Madison Business Center.

Anyone who has already purchased tickets for a cancelled event can donate the purchase price to the venue or artist and have the costs reimbursed. People can buy vouchers and stock up on gifts for birthdays and other occasions, or they could buy them now and use them later.

We're doing our best with what we've got and could probably get through a couple of weeks, "Czerwonka said. There's always a bill to pay that doesn't go away, but we're # Some accounts were frozen to offset some of the costs.

The Portage County Business Council office will remain open but will be rescheduled for April. Stevens Point Restaurant, owned by Leah and Christian Czerwonka, offers fresh dishes daily. Customers can order by calling 715-544-1744 or using Facebook Messenger or by emailing Chef Kitchen's Father Fats, who publishes daily menus on their Facebook page. In addition to a takeout menu offered only by the restaurant, the kitchen also offers a $5 gift card for purchase for $10 or $20, according to the website, as well as the option to purchase Portages County gift cards.

Besides Chef Kitchen and others, there are other restaurants and businesses across the state that will be at a disadvantage when the restaurant's dining section closes, Czerwonka said. The restaurant has a staff that includes a chef and a manager, and they are finding numbers to see if they can sustain themselves and try to keep people on the payroll.

Czerwonka said officials are trying to do a lot to help the situation. Council leaders reminded residents that it was important that people and organisations continue to support each other, especially in times of uncertainty. Many businesses across the country face the same problems as Chef Kitchen and other restaurants and businesses in Stevens Point.

Some local retailers already offer online shopping, and others are making adjustments to allow customers to shop on social media or take orders by phone. The council recommended people shop online, order groceries to carry out or call local businesses to find out about the different options customers might have for items they buy.

Prior to the new mandate, some Stevens Point companies had already announced plans to close or limit direct contact between guests and employees, but to remain open. Those who choose to operate in an open environment may have to take additional security measures to ensure the safety of customers. Belt employees will increase hygiene practices and take other precautions, and some customers may have had to wait longer for their orders.

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